I’ve always had a hard time losing weight and motivating myself to go workout. But these last 3 months with Brandon has changed my whole outlook on working out. Eating healthy was probably the easiest step when I first decided I wanted to lose weight. The hardest part was coming in to the gym on my own AND the workouts with Brandon. The workouts that he has had me do push me as far as I can but I look forward to them every week. There has never been a training day that I have dreaded to go train.

       12 lbs in 30 days and 26 lbs in 3 months seemed impossible to do before I started this but now I know just how much my body can do. I wouldn’t work out any other way than how I do now. I know now what I am capable of so pushing myself is the only option now. As Brandon always says, dig deep!


       When I met with Zia he told me all about how I am capable of losing several pounds by changing my diet and exercise. It was hard for me to believe when he told me that I could change my life because my own doctor told me that I was always going to be an overweight person. My doctor told me that even if I lose weight I will not be able to keep it off. When I started working with Zia we discussed what type of food I liked and he gave me a healthier alternative to my favorite foods. He also taught me so much more about fitness than I ever thought I could know. Not only did I train with him twice a week but I also attended classes he taught. At first it was not easy for me to take the time out of my busy day to eat healthy and go to the gym but once I got in the habit I found myself working out a few times a day.

       Five months later I am 40 pounds lighter and I went from a size 14 in pants to a 6. I rewrote my whole bucket list this past summer because I am now capable of doing so much more than I was before.


        I entered the gym as a 40 year-old, 260 pound, very overweight couch potato with horrible eating habits.  I started personal training with Brandon 2 to 3 days per week.  After 9 months, I have lost around 40 pounds of fat, and replaced it with around 30 pounds of lean muscle.  I still need to trim my midsection a little, but in all other regards, I’m starting to look more and more like a beginning-level body-builder.  

       When I started, I could only Bench Press a meager 65 pounds...after 9 months with Brandon, I now Bench 305!!!  My friends have started jokingly calling me “Guns” because I’ve gained so much muscle on my arms and shoulders.  I began this adventure in XXL t-shirts...this week I’ve started wearing regular Large.  I took 6 inches off my waist.  I’m eating according to a scheduled, healthy diet plan.  I have more energy.  I have more confidence.  It’s like having a whole new life!  

       My first day in the gym, I thought I was hopeless...too out of shape to fix.  I was embarrassed to be in the free-weights area because I didn’t think I belonged with the “weight-lifters.”  Because of my growth with Brandon as my Trainer, now some of the weight-lifters are coming over between sets to ask ME for advice!  It doesn’t matter where your fitness level is right now...if you want to upgrade your body...these expert Trainers can help you smash through your goals and be better than you ever thought possible! 

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