Get results and burn 30% more calories in a fun and challenging evironment!




Focus on the most important person in your life: You! Your greatest fitness self is just a professional away!


We can help your pre-teen or teen with their physical fitness and sports performance too!


Need just a little extra nudge in the right direction? Consult with a fitness pro on the direction that's right for you!





Our Group Classes offer the best of both worlds - programming and community. Progressions are designed to include all fitness levels and offer challenging workouts that create positive results for the member: to move naturally, function properly and perform better at everyday life. 

Group Class times are offered 6 days a week at a variety of times to accommodate nearly any busy schedule. Classes are limited in capacity so that each member gets proper instruction and coaching throughout the workout. We believe smaller classes help decrease risk of injury and create an inviting community of members working together to reach a common goal. 



A personal Coach can help you kick start your fitness regime or take it to the next level.  Whether your goal is weight lose/gain, performance improvement, injury prevention or fitness rehabilitation we have the right coach with the experience you need! 

Your Coach will help you create a program that includes strength training, cardio training, nutrition, and supplementation if necessary. Forged Fitness uses the platform True Coach for online personal training/programming as well.

Consistency is key to success. That includes your fitness goals too.  Have the idea in your mind that the more frequently you meet in the beginning, the more likely you are to succeed long term. Availability varies per Coach, so have your calendar with you when putting together your program!



Designed for youth athletes to take their game to the next level. Our programs are sports specific and skills are transferable for the multi-sport athletes. In this program we cover: Speed, Agility & Quickness, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility & Flexibility, and Nutrition for growing athletes.  

Our coaches specialize in the 13-18 year old age range. The program is segmented for the different sports and their off-season. Simply put, spring sports will train in the fall; fall sports will train in the spring.  If you have an athlete that plays both (football in fall, soccer in the spring) we also offer a Summer Conditioning Program.

Spring Cycle (Feb- May)

Summer Cycle (July- Aug)

Fall Cycle (Sept- Dec)

*Breaks in training are recommended to keep youth athletes from burnout and allow them time to recover.


Meet with a coach/fitness professional to help take you one step closer to your goals. We offer nutrition consulting, online programming, or spot checking form and technique on exercises. 

The nutrition consulting consists of first assessing a starting point and identifying where you are deficient. From there, we can properly recommend a macronutrient profile that will enhance your performance, energy, and aesthetics. We check in as frequently as is necessary for you to be successful!

If you are having constant aches and pains, chances are you are overcompensating for something weaker. Getting some professionally trained eyes on your movements will keep you working out longer and eventually pain free so you can utilize what you learn and apply them to all exercises. Contact Us